Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy?

LANAP  is a revolutionary new way to treat gum disease. When gum disease develops, small pockets form around each tooth. These pockets allow bacteria, plaque and debris to settle into the craters, making it difficult and even impossible to keep them clean. Over time, the infection in these pockets gets worse, leading to tooth and bone loss. LANAP works by removing infected tissue within the gingival pockets, putting an end to further infection.

Why is Laser Therapy needed?

LANAP is normally necessary if you have gum disease. The procedure is quick, easy and can be done in-office. It’s a non-surgical alternative to other periodontal treatments, so it’s a better choice for individuals who cannot undergo oral surgery. Laser therapy can be used for most stages of periodontal disease.

What Is Laser Therapy

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What Makes You A Good Candidate For Laser Therapy

What makes you a good candidate for Laser Therapy?

You will first come into our office for an exam and to have your gum health checked. We can help in determining the stage of periodontal disease that you’re currently experiencing and whether laser therapy is right for you. Laser therapy is typically a good option for most patients and it’s especially beneficial for patients who want a non-surgical way to treat their gum disease. LANAP is safe and highly effective, as it only works to remove infected tissue while leaving healthy tissue behind.

What can be expected during Laser Therapy?

Local anesthetic may be administered to make the procedure more comfortable for you. A high-powered laser is then used and aimed into each gum pocket to eradicate infected tissue. The gum pockets are then cleaned and the roots of the teeth smoothed to prevent further bacterial adhesion to these areas. The healthy gum left behind after laser therapy is done will recover naturally on its own and heal closer to the tooth, reducing the size of the gingival pockets. Laser therapy has been used time and time again for periodontal disease patients wanting a more proactive approach to their oral health.

If you are interested in LANAP for gum disease, call our office today and we’ll help in answering any of your questions concerning this procedure.