3D X-Rays

What are 3D X-Rays?

A 3D x-ray is often necessary to help in diagnosing and treating more complicated conditions. Prior to oral surgery, we may require that you have a 3D x-ray taken as it helps us to identify bone structure, viable tissue, and even underlying nerve pathways. The x-ray uses a state-of-the-art cone beam technology that is safe, and requires minimal radiation. Many of our patients find that a 3D x-ray, or CT scan, is easier and quicker than intra-oral x-rays.

Why are 3D X-Rays needed?

Most often, 3D x-rays are necessary when you are going to be having oral surgery performed. We may require the procedure prior to a bone graft, or before having one or more teeth extracted. The scan may be needed before you can have dental implants placed, as it helps us to identify available bone in the area where the post will be placed. Because CT scans are done so quickly, and provide such an in-depth diagnostic tool, they are used for many in-office procedures.

What Are 3d X Rays

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What Makes You A Good Candidate For 3d X Rays

What makes you a good candidate for 3D X-Rays?

Most people are good candidates for 3D x-rays, or CT scans. Because the scan uses a minimal amount of radiation, it is deemed safe in medical use. The benefits of having this scan done are far greater than traditional x-rays, since it allows us to have a close look at your bone, teeth, gums, and nerve pathways. This is essential in diagnosing and treating many oral and dental conditions.

What can be expected with 3D X-Rays?

A 3D x-ray is done right in our office by a trained staff member. You will stand in the middle of a circular machine, and have a lead apron draped over your shoulders to protect yourself from radiation. You will be instructed to bite down on a bite bar in the middle of the machine, and will be told to stand as still as possible. The machine then circles your head, taking a 3D image of your mouth and jaw. The image is visible within seconds of the x-ray being taken, and will be used during your consultation appointment and subsequent procedures thereafter.

If you think you may need 3D x-rays, or want to learn more about this option, call our office today and we will help to assist you further.