Crown Lengthening

What Is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a procedure that is done to expose more surface of one or more teeth. The procedure can be done to improve the look of a “gummy” smile, or as part of other periodontal treatments. We perform the procedure in our office both quickly and comfortably. Crown lengthening is helpful in improving overall dental and oral health. 

Why is Crown Lengthening needed?

The crown lengthening procedure may be needed for a variety of reasons. We will perform an examination to determine if, and when, you may need to have it done. Some of the most common reasons for needing crown lengthening include to: 

  • Expose more tooth surface
  • Improve the look of a “gummy” smile
  • Improve fit of dental crowns
  • Expose cavities underneath the gum line
  • Help in orthodontic treatment
Who Is A Good Candidate For Crown Lengthening

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What Is Crown Lengthening

Who is a good candidate for Crown Lengthening?

The crown lengthening procedure is relatively easy, and is done in-office. We will consult with you prior to performing any type of oral surgery. We utilize 2D digital radiographs, as well as intraoral scanning, to help in providing you with the best treatment planning available. Most patients who need, or want, crown lengthening can safely have the procedure done. 

What happens during the Crown Lengthening process?

We first provide you with either local or general anesthetic, as discussed during your consultation appointment. We then work to carefully pull back the soft tissue around the teeth to expose the underlying surface of the tooth. This may be done for just one tooth at a time, or for several. The gums are then able to heal in their new position, and any further treatment is provided either during the appointment or at a later time. Crown lengthening is essential for patients who are unable to be fitted for crowns, need help with orthodontic care, want to fix “gummy” smiles, or have sub-gingival cavities that need treatment. 

If you think you might need or benefit from crown lengthening, call our office today to speak with one of our helpful staff members.